Sienna, Italy


Sienna is one of those places it feels good to visit. One, just to say you've been there and two, to experience what countless others have experienced, the FEELING of Italy.

The combination of sun, warmth, colorful backgrounds, history and culture combine to make walking through Sienna a lifetime experience. Our adventure into this ancient town began with a daytrip train ride from Florence. It is an easy hour ride and quite enjoyable. We came during February so the crowds in Florence and Sienna were very small. We had no wait time for trains either way and were easily accommodated. We'd highly recommend off-peak season adventures as it makes life a lot less stressful and still fabulous. As you can see by the photos the sun was out and the weather nice for exploring. Summer heat during peak seasons can be a bit brutal.

Since we really enjoy just taking photos and experiencing the feel of a place we didn't visit any museums or other must-see sites. We just causally wandered the streets and enjoyed our day. 

I guess those red shoes really stand out.

As you can see we mostly took pictures of ourselves posing at various places. Since we were just making a day trip out of this and in no real rush to do all the must-see sites it was quite enjoyable and relaxing. I would recommend going back to dig deeper into the culture but on this trip we just wanted fun and relaxation, no pressure or hurried schedule. 

And once again, I stress that there were few people as you can see by the numbers we encountered in the square and other places. Really an ideal time to make a visit, but don't tell everyone.


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