Leavenworth, Washington

Welcome to Leavenworth

I realize these pictures are a couple winters past but if you go there during the same season you will see the same things. Since we are not living in Europe at this time going to some places that remind me of the wonder there helps during this time of dislocation.

Leavenworth is a wonderful place to visit and travel to, much like Solvang in southern California which is set to the Danish theme, whereas Leavenworth is more Bavarian. Winters are wonderful and especially during and right after the Christmas season when the lights are fully lit and thousands of tourists crowd the small village streets. It truly is a wonderous time of the year.

Traveling to Leavenworth from Seattle is easy during low snow seasons but to get there during the winter it is required to have good traction and usually chains since it is in the mountains and on the opposite side of Stephens Pass, which has ski resorts and frequent snow drifts.

Food is usually not an issue nor is gas since it is a fairly decent sized village with multiple venues for eating and for servicing your vehicles. We highly recommend the Mongolian Barbecue on the north end of the main street. It is on the second floor of a building with a small balcony overlooking the pedestrian street below. Highly recommend it.

Places to stay are convenient and comfortable and I'd recommend finding a place early as possible since literally millions of visitors visit this village every year. 



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