Berchtesgaden, Germany

 Berchtesgaden is one of those places in the world that nearly everyone has at least heard about. Granted there are some people in outlying areas that may not know or care about the town, but most people know of the name. It has been my privilege to visit Berchtesgaden four times and to fall in love with the area.

I'm not sure why I like the town; perhaps its the nostalgia of its history and the changes that have occurred there. In any case, the town and surrounding area has an allure that many people follow. One major draw is the musical and movie "The Sound of Music". Since much of the film was based in Berchtesgaden and the nearby city of Salzburg, Austria, people want to experience that wonderful feeling that comes with watching the movie and imagining themselves in those wonderful mountain scenes. It's captivating and a wonderful love story.

 Driving from Seebruck to Berchtesgaden is a great delight. They say that anticipation is half the fun and if that is true, we’ll, I got my full share of it. I’d been wanting to return to this area since leaving in 1979, and I was excited to see the changes that have taken place. One of my fondest memories was spending some single adult conferences in the General Walker Hotel. Unfortunately, that landmark was demolished and so I only have memories to draw upon.

Our journey started at the Guest Haus Constantin, a mile or so outside of the city and a bit closer to the German/Austrian border. WE chose this because we wanted to be in a quiet area, away from the tourist crowds. It was a perfect resting place after a long day of sightseeing and driving around.

The host live directly behind the guest haus so it is very convenient if you have any questions or needs. Our room was on the second floor, above the laundry facilities and the apartments below, which were also very nice. The following photos will show you the inside layout and the warm feeling you get by staying there.

The next thing we did was to venture out to the town. Since it was only a couple minutes away, we were there in no time. 

Our next trip will be over to Salzburg and Hallstatt. Until next time, keep on trippinn.


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