Seebruck, Germany


Traveling by car in Europe is one of the best options a person can make. If you want the freedom to choose your own destination, have extra luggage you don’t want to drag behind and have the time and adventurous spirit to venture out, renting a car in Europe is a great option.

Although many countries in Europe like Germany may not require an International Drivers Permit, still I’d advise getting one just to be on the safe side. In

We spent the night in our accommodations, the Hotel Wassermann.

Walking through the doors your eyes immediately scan around for a reception desk. What you get instead is a small room much like a tiny living room, with interesting wall decorations. 

After checking in with the hotel we headed to our room on the top floor. Though we weren’t facing Lake Chiemsee, we still had an interesting view. Our room was in the loft and was really a converted attic, which we loved. It was so non-traditional. 

Once we were settled we decided to get out and wander around the area. One great side note was we didn’t see any other tourists. Though it was in July and there most certainly had to be other tourist we didn’t see any. Another great reason to go it by car and get off the beaten path.

Once you walk out the hotel front door, you can turn left and visit the nearby church, graveyard and war memorial, or turn right and walk along the lake and small harbor. We did both.

Reflecting on the war memorial we often forget that those men and women also came from families and many of them may not have wanted to go to war. They were real people and had real lives.

The other side of the hotel offers a lighter atmosphere, and we were eager to see it as well.

With only one night in Seebruck, we only had time for some quick walks and a few photos. We highly recommend visiting this wonderful place and exploring more, especially around the lake. There’s lots more to see. Keep on traveling.


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